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You are invited to take part in an initiative that gathers world leaders and global experts to address the biggest challenges our planet is facing. Whether you are an employee at a company that wants to know more about impact, a student interested in the combination of tech and doing good, or a change-maker of any kind who wants to join an action-focused movement, Katapult Future Fest is for you.

Join us:

  • for exclusive talks given by global leaders
  • to take part in a movement
  • to learn more about exponential technologies and how it will affect our lives
  • to take action towards a better future
  • to hang out with like-minded people
  • for the yoga, for the concerts, for the food, and for the party
  • to experience the heart of Oslo in May <3

I want to know more.

Well of course. 

Impact investing has grown substantially since the term first got coined in 2007 - a trending term that is not going to stop any time soon. The increasing number of consumers who care about putting their money in well-meaning businesses is pressuring companies to put responsibility on top of their list in order to succeed (or even survive!). A collective wish to save the world has perhaps never before been so strong - and that is something we should be taking advantage of.

In 2015, 193 governments agreed to adopt the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the UN had presented to them in a building in New York. In that moment, the world was given an obligation to step up and take action. By wiping out the borders between philanthropy and growing returns, we can make a shift in the economy where wealth is created by doing good; an economy where sustainability is used as a lens to choose profitable investments.

So why should I go to Katapult, you ask?

Because we believe that true magic is a network of people who together form an ecosystem of innovation. Through activities such as panel debates, workshops, fireside chats, yoga classes, parties, hackathons and social dining experiences, we aim to inspire a variety of changemakers and do-gooders to collaborate on solving the SDGs through the use of technology. This is a festival where output is the main goal; we just happen to believe that you can have fun while getting sh** done. 

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