Future Society

Workshop on Post Scarcity

in collaboration with Sustainability Hub

Moving towards a post scarcity society is a massive and daunting task. While it is not only a bright future to move towards, it is also inevitable, given the current developments in exponential technologies - if we get it right, that is.

At the Katapult Future Fest we want to kickstart a joint effort to create an open source manifesto about a desirable future we want to work towards. We also want to get our hands dirty and use the brilliant minds at the Future Fest to describe the most important actions we can take today towards this shared future.

In addition to a panel discussion on the subject, we will be performing a workshop for those that are interested to have the chance to put forward ideas and thoughts on the subject of post scarcity and spar with other like-minded people. 

@ http://www.sustainabilityhub.no/