Future Society

Mikael Engström

CEO & Publisher, TilliT Happy Newspaper

Mikael Engström started TilliT Network in 2001 as a project to help and coach vulnerable young people to fully realize their dreams. The results have been amazing and 15 years later Mikael has been involved in starting up and develop more than 200 dream projects. The word “tillit” means trust in Swedish.

TilliT Happy Newspaper (2006) is one dream project and designed to build social trust, is built on trust, creates trust and has distributed 730 000 newspapers. In the link below, you can read the special edition issue “It’s all about TRUST” which is packed with stories about dynamic social capital, released in Copenhagen 2009. http://www.tillit.info/filer/t... 

TilliT has undergone and conducted extensive empirical studies on the subject trust. The Newspaper is a tool with virtually unlimited possibilities for strengthening trust and social capital. TilliT mission is to in the shortest possible time inspire other media to replace 15 % of the world negative news and replace it with honest and uplifting news. Mikael is spokesperson for positive media that have an inspiring and good impact on society as a whole. We humans become happier, healthier and smarter by reading happy news. It is proven that positive news are healthy for us.