Impact Investing

Kavita Gupta

Mission Investments, The Schmidt Family Foundation

Kavita is a recipient of UN social finance innovator award in 2015 for being an integral part of the founding green bond and Carbon Swap team in 2008 at The World Bank. She has been working on Impact driven private equity and debt investments across East Africa, Middle East, South Asia and recently in the US for past 12 years through World Bank, IFC, McKinsey, Amplifier Strategies (managing Nick Pritzker's impact investments) and The Schmidt Family office (currently). She founded and headed World Bank's youth innovation fund ($50M) in 2010. Her focus is to invest across UN sustainable goals like heath, education, cleantech, equality, diversity, and micro-finance etc. and help strategic portfolio allocation for legacy impact and ESG lenses. Currently, she is re-structuring the current pool of impact investments at The Schmidt Family office for international focused investments.

She is on the board and advisor of various accelerators and foundations across the world like Y combinator's social track, google accelerator social track, MIT Solve (Sr. Advisor), Vatican's Right Now foundation for impact investments, Mandela foundation, Pawa 254 in Africa, Tech Wadi in Middle east. She is an MIT Media Lab and HBS alum.