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Hans Peter Brøndmo

GM Robots, X

Hans Peter is a high-tech leader and successful serial entrepreneur who has spent his career at the intersection of technology innovation and empowering individuals. He has created several novel, category defining products and businesses over the last 25 years. He now leads a robotics moonshot at GoogleX in Silicon Valley. Prior to X, Hans Peter was a senior executive at Nokia where he co-led a new product innovation business unit with teams in Silicon Valley, LA, Berlin, Oulu (Finland) and China. He has founded and sold several companies and has also held positions at Apple in Tokyo, and at CERN (the Center for European Nuclear Research) in Geneva.

Hans Peter has served on start-up and non-profit boards, is the author of the NYTimes best selling book, The Engaged Customer, has been a guest lecturer at the MIT Media Lab and Cambridge University, has testified at US Senate and FCC hearings on Internet privacy and consumer data management, and has been a featured/keynote speaker at countless conferences on topics ranging from innovation and entrepreneurship, to privacy and the broad influence and impact of technology on society.

Always seeking new adventures, when Hans Peter is not wrangling robots, he can frequently be found on a mountaintop and behind a lens: http://luumi.us

@brondmo http://luumi.us​