Future Society

Christopher Salata

Launcher, Peace Accelerator

Christopher Salata describes himself as a meliorist and is the founder (prefers the word "Launcher") of the new American peace movement, rapidly growing activist's community, and organization headquartered in NYC called the "Peace Accelerators." Christopher believes peace is the foremost solution to climate change and our environmental crisis.

Peace Accelerators primary goal is to create a "war-free planet" by the year 2033. PA use data-driven mindsets, a collaboration-centric focus, and large engaging events to spread the culture of peace and solution-driven mentalities. Peace Accelerators has three long term operations focused on alleviating conflict globally as quickly as possible, one of which is turning the international day of peace into the world's most celebrated holiday within 10 years.

Peace accelerator events combine education, edification, activism, technology, futurism, volunteering, creativity and fun to create a unique, multi-cultural enriching environment and hope-creating experience.

@@CJsalata http://peaceaccelerators.com/