Exponential Technologies, Future Society, Impact Investing

Amit Pradhan

CEO, Zero AI & GP, JetVentures

“Once we get past Hollywood AI, the true impact of AI to our civilization will be life changing”

Amit is a seasoned startup founder, investor and strategist. He specializes in Product - development, management, marketing and evangelism, technology investments and has extensive hand-on experience with business communications, operational management, UX/product design, editorial direction, financial modeling and marketing. He’s built Technology startups (with multi-million dollar revenue streams) that have built Product for, and worked with the Fortune 500's like HP, JP Morgan, SUN Microsystems and with very early stage startups.

As the co-founder and CEO at Zero Labs, he’s building Zero AI - the next generation Interface Technology to make any device SoundHuman by giving OEMs (from your phone to your car and other IoT devices) and App developers embeddable Voice and Human Language Recognition (not just simple recognition but the ability to understand meaning, inference and context) locally into their applications.

As a partner at JetVentures, Amit invests in startups that touch the daily lives of users – be it Lifestyle, Entertainment, Convenience, Health or Employment.

Amit sits on a bunch of Boards and Advisory Boards, where he can add strategic value and roll-up his sleeves and add actual tactical value when appropriate.

He’s worn many hats in his 20 years of being involved in the Technology Industry and they've helped him understand what businesses need at different stages in their lifecycle - from the first MVP, to recurring revenue, from finding the right co-founders to setting up the 100th hire, from getting stuff done to helping unconditionally in the ecosystem.

When he isn’t building AI or investing in great creators, he’s often found playing, talking or writing about his love for soccer.