The UN Sustainable Development Goals Is The Plan The World Has. There Is No Plan B.


193 nations have agreed to take action towards a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable world. The UN Sustainable Development Goals is the plan the world has. There is no plan B. With these 17 goals on the agenda, the roadmap towards reaching an improved future by 2030 is set. All we have to do now is making sure our efforts are directed towards this aim.

Believing in cutting-edge technologies.

Social tech startups all over the world are working day in and day out to address these issues - it's about time that we all get onboard and help them succeed. 

Katapult Future Fest are focusing on impact investing and exponential technologies. The UN have estimated that an additionally $2.5 trillion is needed annually from the private sector to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Impact investing is about growing funds from businesses that create additional values beyond their revenue - values that are responding to the well-being of our society. By funding technological developments today, we can accelerate our efforts towards reaching and transcending the goals.

Action and Output

Katapult Future Fest is all about output. That is why, in addition to talks delivered by global leaders, this program will include workshops, hackathons, panel debates, fireside chats and other "hands-on" activities. By arranging for a set of actionable engagements that boost discussions and build trust, KFF is aiming to deliver not only good memories, but also longlasting and working solutions.