Bliss and Brilliant in Oslo this May

InfoA hippie doctor, technological do-gooder and conqueror of history's deadliest disease

Larry Brilliant, Acting Chairman of the Board of the Skoll Global Threats Fund and Senior Advisor at Jeff Skoll Group, is an American physician, epidemiologist, technologist and author of the book "Sometimes Brilliant".  Before landing at Skoll, Dr. Larry was Vice President at Google and the CEO of their philanthropical arm, He spent over a decade in India serving as a medical officer for United Nations, playing a key role in successfully eradicating smallpox. Inspired by a medical experience when serving in India, he co-founded the Seva Foundation - an international NGO that has given back sight to more than 3.5 million people. Larry's tech career kicked off when he co-founded The Well - the prototypic online community known as the precursor of every online business since. Brilliant starred his first movie as a rock'n roll doctor following Grateful Dead and Joni Mitchell in a Woodstock sequal from 1971.  Dr. Larry is the winner of the 2006 Ted Prize and was in 2008 named by TIME Magazine as one of the world's most influential people. Katapult Future Fest is honored to have Larry entering the stage in Oslo in May.  

True Taste of Norway

Photo: Baard Henriksen
With its unique wooden constructions highlighting Norwegian history and culture, SALT Arena is breaking every rule of a typical conference venue. Situated on the shoreline, SALT is overlooking the fjord, Oslo's famous Opera House, and our newest city district and design winning area, Barcode.  Imagine to start your day with yoga classes, meditation, sauna and breakfast by the sea, settling in for cutting-edge talks and engaging conversations on tech, impact investing and future societies, before rounding the day off with social dinner parties, music and mingling under the stars. All in the heart of Oslo; all at Katapult Future Fest.